Controlled Substances in Hanover Virginia

In Hanover, Virginia there are charges which includes possession of drugs with a clear intention to distribute, transport and manufacture. Different charges and penalties which involves a controlled substance normally depends on the schedule of controlled substance. In Hanover, Virginia a controlled substance is defined in VA code under the section § 54.1-3401 as a drug. The Virginia law classifies these drugs or controlled substance into six schedules. In the medical community the schedule of the controlled substance is identified by its potential for risk, abuse and risk of dependence.

Schedule 1

According to VA code section § 54.1-3445 the schedule 1 of drugs have a very high potential for no accepted medical use and abuse. The most common drugs (controlled substance) are Ecstasy, Heroin and LSD.

Schedule 2

The controlled substances that come under schedule 2 have some accepted medical use but contains a very high potential for abuse, which can lead a person to a serious psychic or physical condition( VA code §54.1-3447). The controlled substances comes under section 2 are PCP, Oxycodone, Cocaine and Meth.

Schedule 3

The controlled substance that comes under section 3 have a very low potential of abuse than the controlled substances 1 and 2. These drugs have a low physical dependence and a high psychological dependence and these drugs have accepted medical use (§54.1-3449). These controlled substances incudes Hydrocodone and anabolic steroids.

Schedule 4

The controlled substance that comes under section 4 have accepted medical use, a less potential for abuse and also a limited psychological and physical acceptance. The drugs includes under this section are Valium and Xanax.

Schedule 5

The controlled substances that comes under section 5 have limited psychological and physical dependence. These controlled substance have an accepted medical use also. The drugs includes this section are codeine based cough syrups.

Schedule 6

The controlled substance that comes under section 6 are normally prescriptions and there are other drugs that are not classified in other 5 categories.

Possession of drugs by any individual in Virginia is a criminal act under VA code § 18.2-250. The law enforcement agency first prove to convict a person that the individual is intentionally and knowingly possessed a drug or controlled substance. The law enforcement agency must also prove that the drug is a controlled substance according to the Drug Control Act. Possession of a drug in Hanover, Virginia is punishable but it is also based on the schedule of the drugs:

  1. Schedule 1 and 2 possession is a class 5 felony which can leads to a 10 year imprisonment and a fine of $2500.
  2. Schedule 3 possession is a class 1 misdemeanor, for which a convicted can be sentenced up to a 12 months in jail and #2500 fine.
  3. Schedule 4 possession is a class 2 misdemeanor, for which the convicted is punishable for up to 6 months imprisonment and fine up to $2500.
  4. Schedule 5 possession is a class 3 misdemeanor, which may be punished with $500 fine.